Tom Eugster

ABYachtcharters & Yacht Broker Mallorca


Calle Industria 17, Santa Catalina

07013 Palma de Mallorca

0034 650 81 48 84

I would like to help you finding the boat you really like.

Please tell me.

  • Are you looking for a FLYbridge Yacht only or would you also interested in a Targa?
  • What is the size you prefer?
  • How many cabins / Heads you need?
  • What year would you accept?
  • What flag you would register your Boat?
  • Are you using your Yacht as privat or in a Company as Charter Boat?
  • Would you like to stay on the same marina Berth or do you like to deliver the Boat to a other destination?
  • Would you accept a Boat with repairs to do or are you looking for a Boat in perfect estate?
  • Do you have the full amount of money or do you need financing?
  • Are you interested in a fast buy or are you planing your buy in the next years?

This are basic questions to find the right boat without loosing time and money.