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Why we recommend appointing an central agent as your broker

As a broker with exclusive sales rights to your ship, you will have a single point of contact and no double listings on yacht trading platforms. The exclusive broker knows your ship and ideally takes care of it. Therefore, we can provide potential buyers with precise information that significantly increases confidence in buying the yacht.

We cooperate with selected brokers (“co-brokerage”). A broker commission is charged for the sale of a ship, the amount of which is determined in the sales contract. If a co-broker finds a buyer, the commission is split accordingly.

Our main focus is on yacht trading in Mallorca and we are therefore quickly available for visits and appointments at the berth of the ship.

Our services include:

  • Setting the sales price: To facilitate a quick sale, the selling price must be appropriate. The broker helps you determine the market value of your ship. In addition to their experience, they have access to yacht broker internal pages where current sales prices achieved by brokers are stored. This database is not accessible to the public.
  • Developing a marketing strategy: A professional broker plans how a boat is advertised and which media are best suited for it. So, the best marketing strategy for a 27-foot Catalina differs significantly from the marketing strategy for a 63-foot Sunseeker. The broker’s goal is to develop a strategy that reaches the appropriate target audience.
  • Creating the sales ad/exposé: The broker creates current photos and videos of your yacht for various electronic and print media, for email and postal delivery to customers and other brokers, as well as for brochures, etc.
    • Yachts for which has been commissioned for sale are advertised on and other selected partner platforms. These include:
    • Cosas de Barcos
    • Top
    • INautia
  • We create sales ads for the multiple listing system! By promoting your sale as a YachtWorld broker, it is offered on the Pro Broker system, which over 2,000 international broker companies have access to. This way, the sale of your yacht is exposed to a broad professional audience, while you maintain a single point of contact.
  • Online marketing: YachtWorld members have access to various tools and services to attract interested parties and brokers to your boat.
  • Ships are listed for sale after the owner has given a sales order. Sales orders can differ and are individually coordinated with the owner. All advertised yachts must be accurately and truthfully represented.
  • Preparation of the boat: The broker advises you on all improvements that should be made to prepare the boat for the market. They identify possible defects, make suggestions for their remediation, and help you organize the necessary repairs and renewals. The broker can also help you find an easily accessible berth or storage space for the period when the boat is offered for sale.
  • Formalities: We advise you on ownership documents, purchase contracts, and all other documents required for registration and transfer of ownership rights.
  • Test drive and inspection: Typically, potential buyers request a test drive with the yacht and an inspection by an expert/surveyor. The costs of the inspection and lifting the ship out of the water are borne by the buyer. The broker usually attends the test drive and inspection and assists you in deciding how to deal with any defects found during the sales negotiations.
  • Negotiation: The broker sees their position as a mediator, represents both parties’ interests, and tries to find a common ground for negotiations. They ensure that the sales contract is correctly executed and assist in the transfer of ownership rights


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